Welcome to my FBS website, where I test out poll systems and different rules on the current FBS season. I really hope you comment on my different leagues and scenarios that I think the FBS should use. It would be helpful, and maybe a game changer in the future, in case the current FBS systems doesn't work out that well.

*I haven't completed the website yet, but decided to published it, to see what others would think of it so far.*

For the 2014 season, I'm sticking to 3 ranking systems that I would like to try out:

-PA Poll (Points of Absolute) (after Week 7)

--Ranking teams based on winning percentage, amount of winnings + defeated opponents' winnings, and multipliers.

-BB Poll (Bowl-Brackets) (canceled, after week 10, for the season)

--Ranking teams, based on post-season where the major bowls are 4-team playoffs.

-CCC Poll (Class of Champions & Contenders) (canceled, after week 10, for the season)

--Ranking teams, based on multiple playoffs, defined by ranks (classes).

The PA Poll is the only system that would go along with the current post-season system. The other 2 polls consist of adding at least four 4-team playoff systems to the post-season. These extra playoff systems will be for the ranked teams and/or conference champions of the season. I'm going to use these three polls on a weekly basis, as if the NCAA was going by them as well. On the links above, you will be able to navigate the webpages of the NCAA (for their polls), my 3 polls for this year, and the archive of polls and systems that I created during the BCS Era. I hope you enjoy the site!

Please leave comments (pros, cons, and suggestions) on each page, and if you are interested in creating your own FBS League system, let me know.

*Note: All the polls that I show on the other pages, will be in order from the most recent to the oldest. Also, I canceled my BB and CCC poll, due to fact that voters would be needed for both of them. I'm going to combine them with my PA (ABS) poll next year. Therefore, voters won't be needed.