The end of the 2014-15 season, Year 1 of the College Football Playoffs.

My ranking system was very accurate for the post season. So far, the only wrong guesses I had was:

Florida State is #1 for being undefeated mainly. 

#5 Baylor over #11 Michigan State (close game, ranked wrong)

#7 Arizona over #22 Boise State (the original ABS poll called it right, #6 BSU over #9 AZ)

#8 Mississippi State over #10 Georgia Tech (close game though)

#19 Nebraska over USC (close game, ranked wrong probably)

LSU over Notre Dame (if I attempted to rank Notre Dame, ND might had been ranked)

SPRING BREAK: Tweaking polls to include losses and superior opponents' losses, plus margin of victory/defeat system. Hopefully I can program an automatic software.

Year 1 of the NCAA Division I FBS playoffs´╗┐ successful, 2 years to go before new format!

My Points of Authority (Absolute) Poll

During the weeks (10-11) from the site, there were complaints about the "Group of 5" having a team in the CFP rankings. I was also upset for the reason that they were not included. For them, I will create two versions of my polls, starting from Week 12. The Power 5 version will have only "Power 5" teams in it. Please comment on my polls. Thank you!

*Week 14 Unranked Teams: I included these teams, due to the team might be or currently a conference champion. On the Power 5 version, those teams are included, because there was on 27 teams eligible for the ABS Poll.
**Week 14 Poll Power 5: Interesting fact when you put the top 8 teams in a playoff system.
#1 Florida State .vs. #8 Georgia Tech (ACC Championship)
#2 Ohio State .vs. #7 Wisconsin (Big Ten Championship)
#3 Alabama .vs. #6 TCU (Possible Future Match-up)
#4 Oregon .vs. #5 Arizona (Pac-12 Championship)
Idea: TCU joins the SEC West and Clemson joins the SEC East. (Just a thought)
Baylor and Florida State can come as well.

Now that the bowl season is about to begin. I will explain the point system for my ABS Poll, using the top 4 teams as my examples.

ABS Poll (ABS = absolute)

This poll ranks teams, based on their wins, winning %, and wins of their defeated opponents. Each team has a chart (shown above) that shows where their wins and defeated opponent's wins are located, and multiplied. This chart is known as the Points of Authority (PA) Chart. The PA Chart fills up from bottom first. The wins are placed on the PA Chart, starting with the defeated opponent with the lowest amount of wins to the defeated opponent with the most wins, and then the team's wins.* Now, when a team wins more than 10 games, the top 10 defeated opponents will be on the PA Chart. After the PA Chart has a total amount of wins (after the multipliers), this sum, known as the PA Total, is multiplied by the teams winning percentage, to give the ABS Total. The ABS Total is used to ranked the teams in the ABS Poll. In the charts below, you will see how I got the ABS Total for the top 4 teams in the nation. (On the polls below, I only worked on teams with a 60+ winning percentage, unless the team had a possible chance of winning its conference. Once I create an automatic system for the ABS Poll, I'll keep track of all the teams and be more accurate, if I'm not accurate.)

*-If a team defeats out-of-conference (OOC) teams before defeating 2 conference teams, the defeated OOC opponents' wins will go on "2x Wins" layers, but the team's wins will stay on the "1x Wins" layer until the team defeats 2 conference teams.**

*-Also, only half of FCS teams' wins will count in the PA Total.

**-These rules don't apply to independent teams, due to the fact they don't have conference games.

Now, here are my top 4 teams PA charts.